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Equine Knowledge provides affordable online courses, tailored to prepare you for the British Horse Society Stage 1, 2 & 3 Care qualifications. Each course is designed with an easy to follow format, incorporating modern and engaging e-learning tools, plus are fully updated to correspond with the newly revised BHS qualifications.

Whether you are studying towards the BHS qualifications, or simply want to improve your proficiency, these courses offer a diverse range of both practical and theoretical knowledge to help further your understanding of horses.

Equine Knowledge British Horse Society Stage 1 Training Course: only £35.00

This training course has been updated to correspond with the new British Horse Society Stage One Care qualification.

We have split the course up in to two sections, Care A and Care B, replicating the BHS stage one care syllabus. This allows anyone training for the BHS Stage One Care qualification to feel confident they have all the relevant information to help pass each unit of the exam. For those with no desire to gain equestrian qualifications, this course offers you a diverse range of theoretical and practical skills to improve your knowledge about horses.

Whichever route you plan to take with horses; whether you wish to start a career as an instructor or groom, or to be a dedicated owner this course is your very first step. Its main purpose is to provide you with a great foundation on which to build a solid working knowledge of horses.

Equine Knowledge British Horse Society Stage 2 Training Course: only £40.00

The stage two training course has been updated to meet the requirements of the new BHS Stage Two Care and BHS Stage Two Lungeing qualifications.

We have divided the course into three separate sections, Care A, Care B & Lungeing the Horse replicating the BHS stage two syllabus. Each of the three sections are separated into individual topics, providing you with all the relevant information required to train for the BHS stage two care and lunge examination. For those with no desire to gain equestrian qualifications, this course equips you with an increased range of practical skills and knowledge about horses.

If you have already passed your BHS stage one qualification, completed the Equine Knowledge BHS stage one course, or simply want to further your knowledge of horses and their care then this course is ideal.

Equine Knowledge British Horse Society Stage 3 Training Course: Coming soon!

This course meets the specifications of the BHS Stage Three Care syllabus.


All prices listed provide you with full access to the course.

BHS Stage Three: Coming Soon

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