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Equine Knowledge provides affordable online courses, tailored to prepare you for the British Horse Society Stage 1, 2 & 3 Care qualifications. Each course is designed with an easy to follow format, incorporating modern and engaging e-learning tools, plus are fully updated to correspond with the newly revised BHS qualifications.

Whether you are studying towards the BHS qualifications, or simply want to improve your proficiency, these courses offer a diverse range of both practical and theoretical knowledge to help further your understanding of horses.

Founder Cara Dobbins, is a qualified BHS intermediate instructor and BHS stage 4 intermediate stable manager, with over 25 years experience working with and caring for horses. Providing freelance instruction, she teaches and trains horse owners across a variety of abilities, successfully training numerous clients up to BHS stage four and Pony Club A test. She established Equine Knowledge to provide an affordable, online portal for people of all ages and abilities to develop their knowledge and skills about horses.

Who learns with us?

  • Students working towards British Horse Society or The Pony Club qualifications.
  • Leisure, professional and disabled riders.
  • Horse owners.
  • Stable owners and trainers.
  • Grooms.
  • Anyone interested, or, is in a career working with horses.
  • College and university students studying equine courses.
  • Voluntary organisations.

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