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What is Equine Knowledge?

Equine knowledge is a subscription based e-learning website, tailored to prepare you for the BHS Horse Knowledge and Care qualifications.

What are the different ways I can learn on the website?

We have provided a wide range of engaging e-learning tools to support your studies. These include:

  • Step by step guides: photographs, along with instructions, illustrate how to perform each practical task correctly.
  • Video clips: included with the step by step guides; they demonstrate how to complete each practical task.
  • Exam techniques/tips: these include video clips, step by step guides and instructions. Designed to teach you how to accomplish practical tasks in the correct exam format.
  • High-quality photographs and illustrations: large amounts of visual images enables you to recognise all aspects of horsemanship.
  • Online factsheets: provide all the relevant information required for the BHS exams.
  • Online or PDF quizzes: for testing your knowledge, and memory, on each subject.
  • PDF's: simply print out, and complete the relevant exercises. Store them in a folder and use as revision notes.
  • Practical tasks: designed to put all the theory you have learnt into practice. These are to be completed when you have finished the online section of each subject. Once you are well rehearsed, and before taking the BHS exam, we recommend you ask a BHS instructor to observe you performing all the practical tasks.

Who can sign up?

Equine Knowledge is an independent company; you do not need to be a member of the BHS, or, preparing for these qualification to enjoy our courses. Here at Equine Knowledge we strongly believe in education, and welcome anyone wanting to further their learning in horse care.

Is equine knowledge suitable for formal equestrian training? 


Is there a time limit on the courses?

All the courses are purchased on a yearly subscription basis.

How much does it cost to sign up?

Equine Knowledge offers affordable prices for every course. The price depends on the course you choose.

Is there a formal exam once I have completed the course?

The Equine Knowledge training courses are designed to prepare you for the BHS Horse Knowledge and Care qualification. To obtain the BHS qualification you need to sit and pass the exam at an approved BHS exam centre.

Can I subscribe to more than one course at a time?

Yes, you can subscribe to all of the courses.

How do I subscribe to the site?

Choose which course is most suitable and sign up following the information on the page.

Can I use this site on all types of computers and laptops and phones?


Can I use this website on any browser?

All browsers from internet explorer 10 upwards. 



If you have any further questions please contact us.