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Welcome to Equine Knowledge BHS Stage Three Preparation Course.

This comprehensive self-study training course has been created to help you prepare for the BHS Stage Three Care and BHS Stage Three Lunge Qualifications.

Designed with an easy to follow format, the course has been split up into three main parts: Care A, Care B and Lungeing the Horse. Care A and B are then separated into the individual topics, following the same order as the BHS stage 3 syllabus. This allows you to work methodically or in your preferred order, and to feel confident you have all the relevant information required to train for the BHS Stage Three examination.

For those with no desire to gain equestrian qualifications, this course enables you to develop and increase your practical skills and knowledge about horses.

To help you learn and study this course incorporates different e-learning tools including:

Please Note: This training course has been designed to help prepare you for the BHS Stage Three Care and BHS Stage Three Lunge exams. To obtain these qualifications you need to take and pass the exam at a recognised BHS exam centre; relevant dates and centres can be found on the British Horse Society website.

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BHS Stage Three subjects

Stage 3: Care A:

  • 1. Roles, Rights and Responsibilities of a Groom.
  • 2. Saddlery & Fitting Tack.
  • 3. Fitting Studs.
  • 4. Bits & Bitting.
  • 5. Anatomy & Physiology.
  • 6. Horse Health.
  • 7. Horse Behaviour.
  • 8. Feeding.

Stage 3: Care B:

  • 9. Fitness.
  • 10. Clipping the Horse.
  • 11. Managing a Turnout Area.
  • 12. Conformation.

Stage 3: Lungeing the Horse.

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